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About Portugal

We are a small country on the southwestern tip of Europe. We have defied the sea for centuries, forged new paths, and discovered the world. We were fierce conquerors, but today we would like to conquer you.

We have the best people in the world, humble, welcoming and generous. We have 900 km of beautiful coastline, with dazzling beaches and endless.

We have the green of the fertile fields and the gold of the plains that extend to the horizon. A country rich in countryside and mountains.

We are holders of a secular, internationally recognized inheritance, both natural and man-made. In addition, we are also a land of great architects and award winning contemporary buildings.

We call Fado the sad longing and fill our tables with genuine food made from our wealth of ingredients that nature gives us, both the sea and the land.

We produce some of the best wines in the world and we have magical places to show you.

We are Sintra, Douro River Valley, Torre de Belém and the world famous Pastéis de Nata de Belém. We are Ribeira do Porto Ribeirinho, Sagres Fortress and the historical center of Évora.

A truly passionate country, with strong colors and intense aromas. We are Portugal and we are waiting for you.


Castles, museums, fortresses, historic centers, monasteries, churches and cities, make up the architectural heritage of Portugal. Forests, vineyards, mountains and beaches, is the natural heritage of our country. And, fado, folklore, embroidery, rugs and jewelry is our cultural heritage.

Centuries of history are engraved on the walls of monuments. Winding cobbled streets and wide open squares.

Our whole history can be found in the traditional flavors and words that are passed down from generation to generation. Centuries of history left by the different peoples who make these lands their home.

Portugal is among the fifteen countries in the world for the UNESCO World Heritage.

From the historical centers of Évora, Porto and Guimarães, the Tower of Belém and the Jerónimos Monastery, the cave paintings of Foz Côa or the Laurissilva Forest, on the island of Madeira.

Every year, millions of tourists come to Portugal in search of this heritage. And it is with great pride that we show visitors this past that we have carefully preserved.