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The salt of the Earth gave its name to this Cape Verdean island. There is little else here than salt; the salt that fixed the first slaves here. One of the smallest islands in the archipelago, the landscape becomes bleak, sterile and the Lonely Planet guide begins with the “Skip Sal ​​if you can” tip. Clearly an exaggeration, since the island of Sal, although arid, has dozens of good reasons to receive a visit. Most of them are beaches. This is what attracts the thousands of tourists who visit Salt throughout the year. The Sal is a destination for lovers of the beach, the sea, the diving, the terraces, the bars at night, the resorts. Sal is not Cape Verde, but Sal is also Cape Verde.

Those who come here in search of rest and beach will be pleasantly surprised. Sal has everything to spend beautiful days, enjoying the sea, watching the fishermen, with a wide range of restaurants, cafes and bars. There are small tours to get to know the island and sport activities to do on the beach. Anyone who comes to Sal looking for the Cape Verdean soul will be disappointed. This will be the island where you will find it harder to find it. But this is the beauty of Cape Verde, each island has its charm, and the island of Sal also has its charms. It is here that are probably the most beautiful beaches of the archipelago.

The inhabitants of Sal say they have learned to live with what the island gives them: salt, sun, sand and wind. And they actually learned, made Salt one of the islands with more job opportunities and in 30 years the population quadrupled.