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Santiago is the largest island in the Archipelago of Cape Verde. It has 75 km x 35 km. The city of Praia is the capital of the country and the most populous. Praia International Airport is 3 km from the center. Cidade Velha was the first capital of Cape Verde. To the north of Praia one finds the city of Assomada with the Tabanka Museum. About 75 km from the beach, there is Tarrafal, which has a beautiful beach.

 Santiago, Diogo Gomes
Praia is the capital of Cape Verde. It is located south of the island of Santiago. Praia is the largest city in Cape Verde and in 2010 had a population of 127,000 inhabitants.

The most commercial area of ​​the city lies on the Plateau, a seaside promontory where public buildings and other important buildings are found, such as the Presidential Palace from the end of the 19th century destined to be the residence of the Portuguese governor. The old town hall, the Nossa Senhora da Graça Church, the Ethnographic Museum and the Monument of Diogo Gomes, Portuguese navigator discoverer, with the Genoese Antonio de Noli, from Santiago Island, Fogo, Maio, Boavista and Sal in 1460.