Do you know what is Customer Experience?

||Do you know what is Customer Experience?

Do you know what is Customer Experience?

The expression customer experience is being increasingly used in the corporate world. This process is basically understanding what the customer expects and prioritizing the organization’s relationship with this consumer. It is important to emphasize that the consumer experience can be included in the management processes of any company, regardless of the area or size of the company.

According to the company Beyond Philosophy, customer experience is “the rational, physical and emotional perception of a customer with any area of ​​the organization. This insight influences customer behavior and builds memories that boost loyalty and affect the economic value generated by the organization. ”

Customer experience techniques are used to build customer loyalty, win new ones, and improve retention. These techniques, used together, achieve the expected benefits in the long run. The results will be clear when the company is able to analyze how people interact with their brand, and that happens throughout a process – which counts with the sum of several actions – not just instantaneously or for a period of time.

Among the rewards collected by organizations that effectively implement the customer experience, are:

  • Increase in customer satisfaction;
  • Reduced turnover;
  • Increase in revenue;
  • Greater employee satisfaction.

According to the CX Challenge report, produced by Econsultancy in partnership with Adobe, respondents working in organizations that are advanced in customer experience are twice as likely to say that responsibility for CX is shared across the organization rather than a department specific, proving that in addition to all beneficial points for the company related to the client, it will also have greater internal engagement, and consequently higher team productivity.

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