Key benefits for travel agency

||Key benefits for travel agency

Key benefits for travel agency

With so many deals bombarding us over the internet and TV, with the facilities sold by air travel seekers, many people wonder what are the advantages that a travel agency now offers for tourists. Although new tourism companies are appearing every day betting on products and services online, this trend has not been able to overcome the importance of the traditional travel agency for some primordial factors that many travelers take into account. The first factor is to have a company behind the structure to be able to solve any problem that happens, whether here in Brazil or abroad, something that a website selling tickets and hotels, for example, has no condition to do for whom buy your offers.

Benefits of travel agency
The best deal

Travel agents know how to tell if the traveler is actually getting involved in a good deal. Since 90% of the airfares traded are for domestic flights and for the purpose of visiting friends and relatives, the travel agent can easily tell whether the rates available on a particular site can be considered acceptable.

Best places to go

If the passenger is planning to go through a specific itinerary or visit a destination simply to know him as a tourist, the help of travel agents is welcome, as this professional is accustomed to make reservations and can offer more details about the tour , enriching the journey as a whole. And even if the agent does not have enough information, he is more likely to get the answers he needs.

Less hassles

The professionals of a tourist agency are best suited to issue a new ticket on a different flight while the passenger is waiting at the airport in case of unforeseen events such as delay or cancellation of flight.

Same flight, next seats

travel agencies get the best deals in terms of seats, especially if it is a family or group trip because it is a much safer bet than booking individual tickets on different websites and at different rates.


Due to its good contacts in the tourism industry, the travel agent can obtain a VIP reservation for any pub, club, hotel or special tour, which becomes a great differential compared to the one offered by the OTAs.

Research work

The best part of having the help of a travel agency is the relief of not having to look for the best deals on the internet. The professionals of the company develop the research tailored to each client and make sure that the tour will meet the expectations of the traveler.

Most advantageous offer

Travel agents offer the best price compared to the rates charged by OTAs and on collective shopping sites. Whenever the individual receives an email with a 40% discount on the purchase of a tour package, this rate was probably being worked on by the agents the previous week. They work at the best prices due to good relationship with suppliers.

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