Recreation and customer relationship management agencies

||Recreation and customer relationship management agencies

Recreation and customer relationship management agencies

With the approach of the end of the year and the holiday season, not only school, but also work for many professionals, it is time for leisure travel agencies to invest in marketing to attract the attention of those who wish to enjoy good tourist moments and which – often – were not planned in advance.

Thus, packages and more packages are full of promises of rest and entertainment that, once fulfilled, can be strong allies in customer loyalty and good relationship management. For this, it is necessary to know the profile of the consumer. In 2014, for example, according to research commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism to the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, in the period from September to November, intentions of domestic travel in the next six months reached a percentage of 34%, evidenced by the pre-Cup time of the World in Russia.

The increase in the dollar exchange rate, moreover, has caused tourists to choose to travel on their own land. In this way, it is necessary a marketing action that is able to draw attention to this demand with a concept of exclusivity so desired, not only in leisure experience, but also service.

Basic attitudes of a properly trained team can generate significant conversion. And an adequate CRM implementation, in this situation, streamlines, with automation, simultaneous processes, characteristic of this time in which a lot of people, to rest or visit relatives wanted, the services of agencies of leisure.

With Customer Relationship Management, the qualified agent organizes their contact agenda, shares information about them with other members of the work team, and learns more about the profile of the consumer they are expected to reach. With the selection of the appropriate tools, in addition, their tasks are managed more efficiently, which can guarantee, in future high seasons, the return of loyal customers and, mainly, of valuable indications of those who were satisfied, definitively , with the services provided.

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